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Rob Erickson Music

Rob Erickson – Profile & Track Record

Hello everyone, my name is Rob Erickson. I am the owner of Rob Erickson Music. I play music, primarily in private events such as weddings, corporate parties, restaurants, and more.

If you are interested in piano lessons please contact me today to schedule an appointment.

Rob Erickson Music

How it Started

How it Started

I grew up in New York and started music as a teenager, playing lead guitar in a rock band. After high school, I switched to piano and started playing in churches. I became interested in jazz after coming to Texas, attended Houston Community College, and earned my degree in jazz studies.

Rob Erickson Music

Jazzdish Group

Jazzdish Group

While working as a law enforcement officer for 30 years, I performed in solo and group settings playing jazz, rock, Motown, and pop music throughout the Houston area. Since my retirement, in 2012, I continued composing, performing, and released my first CD in 2013. I continue to play throughout Houston and the surrounding areas, at weddings and corporate events. I play often with the Jazzdish Group.

Some Facts About Me

I was inspired by legends like Oscar Peterson, Larry Carlton, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, the Beatles, and Charlie Parker. My parents exposed me to all kinds of music. My mother played the piano. I took one year of piano lessons and quit for the guitar to play rock music.

My Debut Record - Just Passin' Thru

I am the composer and performer of modern jazz and released my flagship debut LP record, Just Passin' Thru, comprising of 20 original tracks. With a total listening time of approximately an hour, this record comprehensively represents my repertoire. A touching, inspiring, and exceedingly colorful record, the album hits every note in the emotional scale and stands as an apparent success in terms of songwriting, performance, and production.

The LP is distributed globally by MondoTunes and is available at iTunes Just Passin' Thru - Rob Erickson for convenient purchase and download. I have pledged 10% of all profits from this sale (online and otherwise) to the Houston Food Bank, which assists in feeding hungry families of Houston, TX.

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About My Tracks

Now I am a retired police officer with more than three decades of experience in the force. I took music lessons and attended college to study jazz while working in law enforcement. My apparent knack for leading these dual lifestyles shows in the myriad perspectives and tones of "Just Passin' Thru." My tracks are often surprising, each one having its character with just enough in common with the other songs to maintain a coherent whole.

I played solo and with bands part-time while working as an officer. After retirement, I started writing, composing, and recording at Home. I have always listened to a wide variety of music such as jazz, rock, electronica, country, some rap, etc. The music on my CD reflects that variety.

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Please choose if you are interested in hearing examples of my playing solo. You can also enjoy my musical journey by purchasing a CD, downloading my music, hiring me, hiring my band for a special event, or taking jazz lessons. Please email me or call at (281) 221-3164 for bookings.

Testimonials on my CDs


Rob has played at many events. At the wedding of George Foreman’s sister, ministered by George himself. Bayou City post-race party at Tranquility park with approximately 2000 in attendance! An episode of Court TV-channel 26. And Mayor Lee Brown’s inauguration party at Bayou Place Concert Theatre.

After recovery from the shock caused by the spread of music on the CD I am starting to enjoy the differences and briefness of the individual songs a lot! I jump through the cd looking for the appropriate song for every mood I am in, while driving my car through town. Each song at a different speed and timing is growing on me and you really grabbed some strong melodies and rhythms to do so. Some are like short poetry. What was going through your mind when you put this together???

- Regards, K.V. Lookeran


Hi Rob, I just finished your CD and I wanted to say, "Great Job"! I know it takes a lot of time, energy and money into a project like this and it came off very well. Kudos to your success. I hope you have many more CD's. This CD really captured a lot of your personality and good quality play ability. Thanks

- Mark Atchison


A generous offering from a talented keyboardist/composer. Some very memorable melodies and thoughtful arrangements. Bravo, Rob!

- Joe Locascio | Pianist | Professor | Composer

Testimonials from My Live Performances